What is the value of a strong support system? What campus support is available if you need additional support?

A strong support system is important to any person. This support system can be anything, it can be your family, friends, coworkers, or girlfriend. It is a person or a group of people that you go to when you need advice or help. People who support you make you feel connected and this is a big moral help by itself.

For me personally this is my family, they are always next to me and try to help as much as they can. Campus support can be my instructors, that can help with any questions if I have and tell me what is better.

Answer 2

Every person has someone who is supporting them, can be financially or morally. A strong support system makes the person think there is somebody behind them makes him less scared of new adventures. It is hard to go forward when you feel you are alone. My family is my biggest supporter, but on a daily basis, I have my friends that are next to me that motivate me to do better.

If I need additional support on campus, I have instructors that help with whatever is the problem. But also connections and friends on campus are the ones that make it easier and more fun and motivate me to achieve my goals.