What steps are involved in writing a paper? What do the best students do when they take a test?

What steps are involved in writing a paper?
The best students first come prepared to take a test, and they feel confident and do not panic because they know the material. They plan their time and see how to manage it better and how many questions they have.

Steps in writing a paper start with having an idea. Then making main points that need to elaborated. Then write introduction, where the main point is presented, then body where we talk about the main point with details, and finally conclusion with results and opinions.

Answer 2

Writing a paper needs three main parts. They are introduction, body and conclusion. But before we start with these three steps, we need to have a topic in mind that we want to discuss.

After that we put our main points that we want to talk more about in our paper. Present the point first, then explain and put more details about it, and at the end there is the conclusion that makes a summary and we can write our opinion there.

The best students stay calm and focus on how to make the test in the given time. Usually they divide the test and see how much time they have on each part or question and work according to plan.