What are the top 3 self-reflective questions should you ask yourself? Why?

I ask myself many other questions to make sure I am going in the right direction. Everyone has goals they want to get to, and everyone has a different way to get there. When I ask myself these questions and can answer them in a way that is easy for me to understand and accomplish, then I am moving toward my goals. If I can’t, then I need to put more time and try harder to achieve it.

We have to make a plan and work according to it, and ask the same questions and maybe more to see at what point we are now.

Answer 2

The top three questions are: am I using my time effectively? Am I going forward to achieve my goals? How can I improve and become better at what I do?

We all ask these questions to ourselves from time to time to make sure we are moving forward. There are many more things we can ask. And then we try to answer them, if we can’t find the answer to one of them, this means we need to work on that subject more.

This way we can improve our life and career by motivating ourselves and achieve better results.