Explain the strategic importance of the supply chain.

Strategic Importance of Supply Chain:

P&G realized the strategic importance of supply chain many years ago and adopted it. P&G is considered as the company who implement biggest supply chain in the world. P&G is providing their products to many countries, and it is strategically important for them to adopt and select the best supply chain to become successful. P&G realize the importance to deliver products to the customers on right time and place and for that, they maintain supply chain management with their distributors. One of the strategic importance in the supply chain that P&G realize is that by implement Supply Chain Company can improve their cost and minimize it by making an agreement with the distributors and no need to maintain their outlets. It is important for the companies to become leaders in the market to focus on the supply chain. The supply chain also has strategic importance for the P&G in that terms that P&G achieve their goals by the proper supply chain management. P&G not only focus on their distributor side but also on the customer side and by the Supply Chain Company achieve higher profits and expected to achieve more in forward years. P&G also do supply chain collaboration and strategically it is important for the long-term plans. Also, it is important to do supply chain management to get the competitive advantage and P&G sustain competitive advantage in the international market. With the supply chain companies not only save costs but also make their position in the world. (J Gosling, 2014) (MJ Drake, 2015)