Identify six supply-chain strategies.

Supply Chain Strategies

P&G adopt and implement supply chain strategies to make their business more successful. The strategies of supply chain adopted by P&G are as below: (B Förster, 2014) (S Chopra, 2014)

From Supplier side

The strategies adopted by supplier sides are:

  • Strategic Procurement: P&G ensure to alert to the suppliers to deliver the inventory at the right time and for this they made long-term plans and also used technology which alerts their suppliers to deliver goods before time.
  • Inventory Management: P&G use the strategy of inventory management in the supply chain which makes company able to make their inventory available at any time and also if inventory is getting low then it ultimate alert to a company which further inform suppliers.
  • Supplier Relationship Management: P&G also make their relation strong with the suppliers and pay the right amount to the suppliers and also for this they develop complaint system in which supplier inform them if payments are delayed or they inform suppliers if the quality is not good or late delivery of inventory.

From Customer side:

The strategies adopted by customer sides are:

  • Collaborative Planning, Forecasting, and Replenishment (CPFR): P&G realize the needs of customers and deliver the products to them at the right For this, they adopted CPFR strategy in which experts forecast and plan to deliver products to the customers.
  • Customer Relationship Management: P&G also develop customer relations strong and for this they develop complaint customer centers and online complaint system in which their staff entertains customer’s complaints.
  • Vendor-Managed Inventory: P&G adopt the vendor-managed inventory in which they make sure to deliver their products to the vendor at the right time and for this they use high technology in which the vendor system alerts them when products are below the level. (SE Fawcett, 2012)