Social Responsibility of Hewlett-Packard

Global citizen at HP means to create a better future for everyone by working. Every people is responsible for what happening in our environment or planet. Every person’s individual actions and innovations can create a better future. Global citizenship means each of their business and functions integrates into their strategy.

HP measures and evaluates its success in global citizenship by living process report. Living progress report explains how their innovation and their actions contribute to economic, human and environmental progress in the world. Some of the progress of HP includes the creation of water-cooled HP Apollo 8000 system that uses 28% less energy than air-cooled serves that helps to increase the performance capacity of data.

E-inclusion is social movement used to describe that world can be divided into people who don’t have access to their capability and the people who do to their capability to use in information technology. It is the influence which makes in natural locations.

HP E-inclusion has made the gap between technology excluded communities and technology-empowered communities in which people can access the decisions of their lives. Projects that helps in E-inclusion are HP life e- Learning which is used to help peoples to learn IT. This can be done by using HP’s cloud computing technology that provides the information to the peoples free which they need. National Center for Women & Information Technology’s Aspiration in Computing Collegiate program also helps in HP E-inclusion.