The Red Cap and the Wolf

This is a story of a girl named Red Cap. She was a student of class 7 and used to go to her school every day. She was good at studies and used to get the top position in her class. Most of her friends and teachers liked her but one of her friend named Lilly did not like her as Lilly wanted to be the top girl of the class. In this story, we would see how Lilly trapped Red Cap and influenced her to take drugs when Lilly didn’t listen to her mother and went to meet a stranger who promised her a gift.

Red Cap used to go to her grandmother home each day on the way back from school as her home was in the way to school. One day, Lilly hired a school boy who was known as Wolf and used to sell drugs at the school to give Red Cap some drugs so she can get addicted. Red Cap was strictly prohibited by her mother not to befriend boys who were from the higher grades. Wolf waited in the street near the grandmother house and offered Red Cap a free gift. Red Cap wanted to accept it but she did not accept it as she remembered her mother’s advice. Red Cap was though interested in getting a free gift. The next day when she was going home, she again saw Wolf with the same offer. She accepted the offer by neglecting her mother’s advice.

Red Cap was really happy to have a free gift inside a box wrapped as a gift. She went to her grandmother home and as she opened the box, it was a package of cigarettes. She was confused what to do with the package of cigarettes and how to respond to it. She went to the bathroom and lit a cigarette as she had never tried one. Her grandmother smelled cigarette and knocked on the bathroom door inquiring about what was happening inside.

Inside the bathroom, Red Cap was having trouble in breathing but did not want to open the door as she was worried that her grandmother would know what she was doing. But she was unable to be inside the bathroom and had to come out. She came out and told the whole story to her grandmother about the Wolf boy.

The next day when she was coming from school, Wolf was again standing near her grandmother’s house. Her grandmother was also observing the situation and had called the police. As Wolf approached Red Cap, the police also arrived and arrested Wolf. When asked why he was doing this, he told them all the story about him getting paid by Lilly. Everything was now clear to Red Cap and she promised herself that she would never neglect the advice of her parents again as they always think better for her as they love her.