What is meant by the terms politics, political power, and government?

Politics refers to the process by which a person, or group of person’s values are authoritatively allocated for a society. It is also said that politics is a way of determining who gets what from government. In a larger aspect, it can come to define what processes go into the decision-making and policy-making of a particular government.

Political power is essentially a means by which an individual or group of individual controls the people and groups around it. Political power exists in the way that entities function in government whether it is on the federal level or even in a local, municipal dimension. Even in a school setting, a principal will have political power over a first year teacher in decision making.

Government is an entity that exist as a creation of the people in a society, who have come together to will their own ideals, norms, and standards in to an understood agreement. Government is a continuing, working mechanism of a society that is in place in order to allow for decisions, laws, etc. can be made to benefit the people in the society or community.