Moral relativism led to many criminal activities

Moral relativism led to many criminal activities with the effects of some employees in the company because of the internal politics in the premises of an organization. In a particular matter when employees have made their own, decision without considering the clauses of the upper management then this lead to the cranial or unauthorized activities. In other words, it can be said that when organization does not give the rule of empowerment as well as do not consider the terms and condition of employees, than they make their own perception level and make themselves involves in such types of criminal activities that organization has to take certain crucial decision in this regard. Moral relativism is all about judgment clauses that sometimes employees taken it for granted and this is the root cause of criminal activities.


Answer 3-2:

It depends upon the nature of the company that in what types of matters they are dealing inn. If manager and the employees are following the code of conduct in way that there are not internal disputers taking place, the environment of the organization is heading to the positive direction and all the broad of directors taking the strategic decision by following the collaborative it shows the code of ethics has been followed by proper terms and conditions.  On the other hand, in some particular organizations where code of conduct is just acting like a trophy hanging on a wall can be intercepted by the internal disputes and weak strategies, in this way employee’s motivational factor also affects. Overall, it can be said that company ensures the code of ethics by measuring the organizational positive environment and employees attitudes.


Answer 4-1:

Steep analysis aid in the development of the strategy of a company in multiple ways that what are the potential factors associated with them. It also addresses the positive and negative externalities in this regard that how company protect itself from the higher competitive and negative environment. It depends upon the factors of social demographics in the context of contemporarily social as well as diversity trends.  Other technological factors are linked with the product development regarding the strategic decision of the company. It pertains to the concept of expectation of the customers regarding their rules and regulations. Steep Analysis further leads to the economic as well as political factors that identify the external threats to the company. In this way, company could also alter their strategies that what environment as well as customers demands. In these ways, steep analysis aids the company development in broader ways.

Answer 4-2:

It can be categorized into many risk factors as climate change can bring positive as well as negative effects in the culture and environment of organization.  As far as resort hotel industry is concerned, the major risk factor is attached with the prospects of hurricanes that could devastate the resort hotel industry; it should be made up with proper planning and distinct strategies in this regard that is associated with the factors of seasonal changes. Other major risk factor is icing that could bring a negative change in the context of resort hotel industry. In the cold season visitors usually avoid heading to the resorts. Thus, in this way company has to bear financial losses because the season is not on the peak level.  These are the risk factors attached with the resort hotel industry with the effects of changing climate.