What are the three sources of a government’s legitimacy?                       

The three main sources of government legitimacy, which is the idea that solidifies what is correct in government, are tradition, charisma, and legality.  Tradition as a form of governmental legitimacy gains it power from longstanding trends institutions and norms. The book gives the example of how the political parties have become legitimized by the fact that they have endured time and change around them. Charisma is a legitimizing force in the way that a person who easily gets others to follow him or her can become legitimized through the amount of people following. I think that many would argue the Barack Obama’s initial appeal was his charismatic legitimacy. Legality is legitimized often simply because it remains in law. Since something is the law, it is not easily pushed back against. The United States has a system that allows for legitimacy to be found in legality because it is a democracy with many checks and balances.