Discuss the characteristics of international, multidomestic, global, and transnational strategies. Include situations and a specific example in which each strategy would be most appropriate.

International strategies are adopted when there is an urge to get into new international markets. These strategies might be looking at ways to compete with other players in the same industry that are active in the proposed market.

Multidimentional strategies are aimed at empowering the overseas offices to make operational decisions based on their understanding of that market. The overseas settlement are more independent in these kind of setups and the main or head office on the international level do not have a huge interruption in their processes.

Global strategies is somehow the opposite of multidimentional strategies as they try to integrate the operations that are based in different countries. These strategies are useful when introducing a product on a global level.

Transnational strategy is a strategy where the know-hows of an international operations are integrated to form useful strategies that can be applicable on an international level.