Analytical Summary Sample

Hobfoll and Leiberman (1987) investigated the immediate and continued impact of major stressful events and the mitigating effects of self-esteem and intimacy with their spouse on the reactions among women. This source is relevant to my project to help provide more information on and an insight into the role of male spouse in traumatic women. One key concept that is more related to my project is the mitigating effect of intimacy with male spouse in moderating reactions to stressful events among women. This concept will help me build more information into the spousal social support in my project.

This source is related to Evans, Steel, Watkins, and DiLillo (2014) in the sense that both analyze the role of spousal support. However, the current source specifically focuses on the mitigating role of intimacy. Moreover, the current source challenges the finding of Evans, Steel, Watkins, and DiLillo (2014) that spousal support from male does not affect traumatic females. Hobfoll and Leiberman (1987) found that intimacy from male spouse limited depression at the event although not continued longer after the event. Another source cited in the same article stated the effect of intimacy on immediate stress reactions as ‘mixed’ which adds further challenge into the key concept (Hobfoll and London, 1986).

Vanfossen, B. E. (1981) cited two times within the current article seems relevant to my project.  Although the full paper has not yet been found, however the rhetorical element in the abstract showed that this research investigates the relationship between spouse expressiveness and inequity to depression for employed husbands and employed as well as unemployed wives. Nolen-Hoeksema, Larson and Grayson (1999) is another article found online which seems interesting and relevant to my project. After reading both, I hope to consider one of these two efforts for analysis in the next assignment.


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