Article: Trauma Through the Life Cycle: A Review of Current Literature

Authors: Shulamith Lala Ashenberg Straussner & Alexandrea Josephine Calnan

Analytical Summary

Part One

Straussner and Calnan in 2014 did literature research about different types of trauma and its treatments in different stages of life. The researchers also focused resilience in traumatic people in different ages. Therefore object of this research is trauma through life cycle. The authors limited their study to different impacts of small and large trauma in adults, children, men and women, and migrated people. They presented literature review to find common trauma events, the ways in which people react to these events at different stages and treatments required for such people.

The purpose of this article is to overview common types traumas and traumatic events and their different impacts on individuals with different ages, genders and cultures for example adults, children, men, women, immigrants. Trans-generational trauma, resilience, and treatments are also discussed.

The problem that caused the researchers to write this article is that trauma has different effects on people in different ages and genders. Therefore, they need different treatment. This research is significant because it will help to find special treatments required for trauma patients according to their age, gender, and cultures.

Part Two

The authors define large trauma as natural and human caused disasters, which destroy individuals, families, and communities. The authors limit their study to the concept of trauma due to immigration. The author explains that when people are pushed due to negative reasons like war, natural disasters, conflicts and economic reasons, they suffer from trauma. They explain that trauma related to migration is because of loss of family and friends, loss of homes, neighborhoods, language, and even familiar smells. Greif over loss, undocumented status of refugees are key terms that add more meaning to the key concept. The fact that 15 million refugees in the world are currently uprooted from their home countries due to different traumatic events discussed above, adds meaning to the concept of trauma due to immigration (McClelland 2014)