Read the Locke and Jacobs essays in the fourth module. Can Objectivism be the foundation for business ethics?

Please note my critique of Locke.

After reading the essay, I feel as if objectivism would not be a good foundation for business ethics. Objectivism is about looking out for the individual and in a business environment that is not very effective. In a business setting there are always many people to think about so if objectivism would be put into place that might cause problems between workers.

In Locke’s argument, he states that altruism leads to self destruction simply because when one worries to much about others they loose sight in themselves. When it comes to altruism, there is always a limit but that limit comes from the person. When is it enough? That question is answered when the individual sees fit. But in the end, I agree with your opinion in that corporations are social bodies and they need to try to find a way to please as many people as possible. Objectivism might not be the way to go in a business setting.