What is TTIP? Would it accelerate job loss and environmental decay, as some critics allege? Have free trade deals harmed American workers? Can globalization be humanized?


TTIP stands for Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. This is a free trade agreement between United States and European Union for the development of free trade without any barrier. It is better to mention here that lost of countries are now interested in collective trade efforts and now they are trying to make collaborations with some countries so that trade and other related activities may grow in member countries.

But some business experts treat this phenomenon as harmful for national trade of US as the labor rates in other countries and cheaper and costly in US. The manufacturers of US have no restrictions of hiring employees from other countries under TTIP agreement. So it can be rightly said that TTIP is source of job loss and environmental decay as it has be allegation of critics of this phenomenon.

Yes, in my opinion the free trade and its implantation has harmed the workers of America as they are now force to work at lower labor rates otherwise the employers have the options to hire labor from other courtiers where it is cheaper under the agreement of TTIP. The question of globalization that is it humanized or not. It depends upon the nature of business and host countries’ legislation and the environment of business. The globalization can served as humanized if it is implemented in its true spirit.

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