Locate a copy of The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition, Text Revision (DSM-IV-TR®): a system, devised by the American Psychiatric Association, used by most professionals to diagnose and classify abnormal behaviour. Pick an abnormal behaviour and explain the behaviour in terms of the (DSM-IV-TR).

The behaviour of self-protection is widely understood and studied. The abnormal behaviours include that the element of abnormality that indicates the dangerous to self. The suicidal behaviours and the destruction of self are understood in terms of the abnormal behaviours. The DSM-IV-TR has defined that the abnormal behaviour that lead to suicidal incidents is relevant to the mental illness where the human urge to self-destruction becomes the focus or the primary need. The behaviour needs further study that can help related what sort of mental illness causes the behaviour of suicide and other self- harm tactics.

The DSM-IV-TR also covers the self- mutilating behaviours that suggest that the urge and need to self- destruct are designed and directed by the human need to free themselves from pain or they are inclined to enjoy pain in others and in themselves. This abnormal behaviour suggests that the people with such urges are not safe. These individuals re vengeful, insulting and negative behaviours but this is not true for all the cases explored and studied. In many cases the urge of self-mutilation are triggered from pain inflicted from external environment and pain experiences in the past.