Homosexuality was once thought of as a psychological disorder. How far has psychology come in terms of differentiating superstition from fact?

Is Homosexuality a Disorder?

The study of psychology has developed throughout the time and the issues of Homosexuality that were previously treated and determined to be as psychological disorder are now understood in terms of the personality traits and the human attraction. The Homosexuality is defined as the attraction to the same sex individuals. In the past the Homosexuality was considered satanic and evil and the people who were found to be attracted to the same sex were considered psychologically disturbed (Freedman, 1971). In the recent studies of the psychology however, the focus of the human personality and the study to develop interaction and attraction has revealed that the human brain and emotions are aligned with the other person without the restriction of sex. The human who finds comfort with the same sex person is not psychologically disturbed but aligned with that person.

The environment also plays an important role in this regard. The cases of those individual who believe that they are not in the right place or position of the society is because they do not know who they are show identify crisis. These individual include those who have been taught that Homosexuality is not right and do not consider a possibility when they are thinking about themselves as person and not as sex. The psychology facts now have developed the understanding that the human is attracted to the other sex or same se based on the alignment and treatment of emotions. With the environmental support and the open mindedness, the society has also accepted these individual and have helped them understand themselves better both in terms of who they are and what their role is in the society, which is not any different form the heterosexual individuals. The advancement in psychology has also helped understand people with needs to identify crisis who are treated differently from those who were treated regarding Homosexuality in the past because they are not the same when it comes of psychological crisis.