If researchers learned how to control emotional responses so that targeted emotions could be caused or prevented, what ethical concerns might arise? Under what circumstances, if any, should such techniques be used?

If the researchers learn how to control emotional responses so that targeted emotions could be caused or prevented, then there will be no need of experiments and it will not be an experiment anymore. The researchers will manipulate the emotions that are developed both physically and mentally and form the state of emotions- perfect emotion- in case of the human who is not been tempered or keyed into. If the humans are to be modified based on their emotions than what will be the point to study these emotions in the first place. If the researcher person doing the experiment is able to control the emotional responses of the person who is an experiment than the outcome will be delivered as the research desires and the doors to exploring the new pattern and possibilities that the human emotions can cause certain changes in behaviours and led to certain changes in moods will be of vain.

Taking away the emotions of a person will lead them to a certain already known pattern that will lead to certain outcomes and resultant patterns already known to the researchers, there will be no new discovery. The researchers if prevent the emotions and cause certain emotions to develop them the human mind will may be damaged and unable to produce the real set- normal set of emotions- in any experiment or research.

Another reason why the taking away of certain emotions and forcing other emotions in the human psychological experiments that is ethically wrong, is that the taking away the human emotions will lead to the vague human identity and person whose emotions are being tempered will not be able to fully self- identify themselves. The emotions are the collective image of the personality and the mood of the person. The person will not be able to make judgmental and if the method is so intense and not tried then it may cause permanent damage.

If the people sense will be damaged the researchers will derive the outcomes to develop the suitable drugs and sell these drugs to their own benefit. These products will verify what emotions are needed in humans and what are not needed to help them judge the environment around them permanently causing the damage in the society.

The technique can be used under the circumstances that the method is safe and used to help manage the emotions and the mental needs of the humans. Of the method sis not safe and unapproved and causes damage in emotions than it will may lead to more damage. The reason why the control procedure should be used is to derive the memories or the point that caused damage to better understand how human emotions are developed and corrupted by the environment leading them to emotional instability and problems dealing with their heightened emotions.