Explain the importance of agile modeling in prototyping and the four main types of prototyping.

Discussion: The agile modeling can be useful in all types of prototyping as agile modeling provide us with an opportunity to think out of box and develop teams that have the core values and principles installed in it that helps a better communication and professional development.

The four types of prototyping are:

Patched-Up Prototype: This is a system that has all the features that are necessary to make it work but the system is not sufficiently working. Agile techniques can be used to recognize better way to make the system work.

Non-operational Scale Models: This type of prototype can be achieved when the coding required for the whole application is expensive but using agile team working techniques, ideas can be generated to prototype the input and output only. It defines a complex system in simple manner.

First-of-a-Series Prototype: This is a completely operational prototype that is presented to the users for their feedback.

Selected Featured Prototype: This is a prototype that consists of the selected features that would be a part of the final product. This is a part or object of the actual system.