Does a government have a moral responsibility to provide each citizen with a job? If not, why not? If so, why and is providing such a job at a minimum wage level sufficient to meet your standard?

Personally, I believe that each country’s government does have the moral responsibility to provide each citizen with a job. If they do not have the ability to provide jobs, many of the citizens will end up leaving the country for university and to work after they complete university. Each country should be able to provide as many jobs as possible to make sure they country can combat economical problems, and avoid societal problems like homelessness. Also, they need to provide for programs to get jobs in other countries if they are not able to provide that. I think of it like a family, the government is the parent and the citizens are the children, so they need to provide for the citizens and give them a means to work and survive. Even if the job is at minimum wage, this should be a requirement. Minimum wage jobs can give people the work experience they need to start working and then move to a better job. No matter what the pay is, a government needs to provide jobs.