Maintenance is an essential task that is often considered to be dull. In information security, penetration testing may be wrongly perceived as being a “hacker-like” activity. In fact, when done correctly, ethical hacking is an important part of risk management. How can penetration analysts work under very restrictive rules of engagement when testing systems? What are ways that penetration analysts limit the risk they pose to internal systems?

Penetrations is essentially an important aspect of finding out the loopholes in an information system and fixing them that can otherwise be exploited by potential hackers. The question about how it is carried out is really tricky. In my opinion this is more of an ethical issues than something that can be limited by others apart from the person who does the actual penetration.

To limit penetration activities to their actual objectives, organizations can produce ethical guidelines to the penetrators. These penetrators need to be convinced under ethical and legal covers to follow these guidelines. There should be some sort of punishment in place if the penetrators exploit the information security in other manners than what is allowed.