Course Reflection: Human Computer Interaction

  1. What you learned that will stick with you?

This class has been a great introduction to Artificial Intelligence. I have been enjoying it and my interest kept on building with the progress in the class. I would say that there are many areas of artificial intelligence that would stick with me. If I had to pin point, I would say that the concept of virtual reality is something that I would love to explore more. Virtual reality is the modeling of the real world with digital means.

Programming algorithms used in the area of Artificial Intelligence were also of interest to me. Especially the capacity of machines to be so intelligence to evolve their algorithms by themselves via learning from the real world is a great field to study. These algorithms are also called evolutionary algorithms. I hope to find out more about this in the future.

  1. What you did not enjoy?

That’s a tricky question to ask about an online class in my opinion. In my opinion, what I did not like about the course is the fact that we could not engage in discussions that can be done in a usual class room environment. We did have discussions but they were online and the responses and the amount of discussion posts and comments had to be limited. It’s not like you set together and discuss things face to face.

  1. What can be done differently – Remember this was an online class so provide feedback relative to improving the quality of an online class.

Well I have an idea to share here about what can be done differently. I think that there could be Skype video room utilization, not each and every week thought. Students can set in the group and discuss different topics related to Artificial Intelligence. They can also be given a topic in advance to prepare and then discuss it.