What is a database management system? In what situations would you use such a tool and how would you use it? What are the advantages of a relational database management system?


What are some examples of relational database management systems?


A database management system or DBMS is software that allows you to create and manage databases.  You might use one if you were a Database Admin.  You can use the system to enter in new data, access existing date, and to edit or delete information.  A database might be used to track inventory for a store, or sales and employee information for a company.  Databases are very useful and can be used to store many kinds of information and data.  Some of the advantages of a relational database system such as Oracle, or a MySQL server, are that you can create roles and assign different permissions to them.  You can allow certain users access to various roles and that affects how they are allowed to use the database and what views they have access to.  A relational database is good for creating views.  A view is a meaningful way to display data and information.  Relational databases allow you to perform functions and equations with the data that will be displayed in the view.