Individual Interview

Michael Scurato, Policy Counsel at the National Hispanic Media Coalition

We must not only strive for the social justice and good but also make it happening in the social change process to have positive impact on our societies has been the idea of Michael Scurato. I have been impressed by many conferences and debated talks about the racial discrimination to an end and Michael has been one of the key participant and in favor to achieve racial justice all over the country too.

Scurato has educational background in politics and law and has been in Washington and New York for his studies all through and has interests in telecommunication politics moreover. His this educational background has made him aware of the political process of the country and its importance in legislating on social issues. He therefore speaks at conferences and seminars to stress on the need for a society free of discrimination and he connects with politically powerful people who may influence the political process to work on legislation to protect the rights of the minorities where needed.

Scurato has an extensive experience in the field of public policy, legal research and writing on public issues. He has coupled this experience with his interest of working for positive social change. In my opinion, his experience and interest enables him to understand the needs of underprivileged segments of society and devise plans for them to act affectively to reach their goals of a social harmony. He connects with people on the gross root level to understand the type of discrimination they face in their day to day life. He considers this connection as a vital part of his work towards humanity. He said that the people at the receiving end of any kind of discrimination lead him towards finding solutions to their problems.