Individual Relational Meeting 5

I have been searching the internet to find someone for a meeting that will not only fulfill my assignment needs but also inspire me. I was lucky to find Chantil Thomas, Youth Program Team Leader at The Women’s Collective non-profit organization. She is currently leading a project related to prevention of black youth against different non health activities that they might get into if not guided properly. I called the organization and requested a meeting with Chantil Thomas. They confirmed it with her and scheduled a meeting for me.

I got to on time for the meeting. Chantil was waiting for me and welcomed me enthusiastically. I explained the purpose of my meeting and she welcomed my motives. I asked her about what motivated her to join the organization that she is working at? She said that the decision to join a non-profit organization comes from her complex relations with the black youth that she has been dealing with since her childhood in her neighborhood. She is herself a Black-American. She said that she grew up in a poor neighborhood. The youngsters used to roam around in the streets and get in fist fights very often. Some of the kids used be involved in illegal activities as well. This bugged her and she did not like those young people. She used to argue with them to stop the bad things that they were doing. She used to be shouted at often. She said that her grandmother was of different view than she was. Her grandmother used to explain to her that these people are the way because they were unfortunate in getting a proper education and guidance. She had a very deep relationship with her grandmother. Her grandmother influenced her in many ways. Slowly she realized that her grandmother was right and she decided that one day she will do something for children with the same circumstances.

I also Chantil’s interests. She said that she takes care of her younger siblings. Apart from her duties that involve dealing with kid in black communities, she finds time to visit the families of troubled kids and guides them in devising strategies to better manage the behavior of their children. She said that she loves to read books and go for shopping. She said that she wants to see a greener world than how it is today. She often attends walks that are conducted to create an awareness about how to live green and about what’s wrong with the carbon and other dangerous gases omission.

Chantil joined The Women’s Collective organization as a volunteer and has now reached to lead a team. In my opinion she has a great capacity to be a really good leader in a reputed organization with a much bigger role. She really enjoys her work and this has been her life’s dream to do such useful work for black communities. She has a passion for her work and she really understands what it means for the communities she is working at. These facts make me believe that she is, one day, going to utilize her capabilities and be an inspiration for many people in a leading role.