Why do people fear public speaking?

Most of the people do not like speaking in public. Why is it considered to be one of the most typical social phobias? Forbes Magazine states that only 10 percent of the population loves public speaking. Such people do enjoy speaking in front of the audience. Another 10 percent are “genuinely terrified.” These people can get extremely anxious just from just the fact of knowing that they have to speak in public. 80 percent of people get anxious and would prefer to avoid public speaking, however, they are able to perform in front of the audience.

Public speaking is feared by majority of people. This sense of fear is based on hormone called adrenaline. The release of adrenaline in your bloodstream is a message from your body that you need to get ready for crucial moments: your mind starts racing and your heart starts pumping blood rapidly. The problem is that “the physical sensations are unpleasant when they don’t lead to much in the way of physical action.” Speaking in front of the crowd does not require much physical energy that is why it is unpleasant for most of people.