Explain some pitfalls faced by a multinational manufacturer when trying to have its products conform to a universal standard?

There are many pitfalls of conforming a product to universal standards. There are cultural differences between different countries of the world. For a company to make its product conform to a universal standard, it must first understand these cultural differences and then find a common ground of standard for its product. For example let’s talk about taste. A company might want to introduce a product with a really spicy taste. But there are countries in the world who do not enjoy spicy food. The issues here is how to conform the product to universal standards where some countries enjoy spicy foods while some don’t? One of the solution here could be to find a common ground and develop a taste that is a little spicy, sour and sweet.

Another issue that can be faced in conforming to international standards is to fix a price. This is a great issue as there are rich and poor countries and people around the globe. Different packaging sizes that could help in fixing a price for different consumers can be helpful in this regard.