A Comparison of programming codes for the lyrics of the song “99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall.”

Length of code This the most lengthy code of the three programming language. I believe that this code will use the most computer resources in executing the program. This is the shortest code used incorporating an “if loop” and print routines. In Java, different methods have been made to pass on string arguments. The code length is normal.
Readability This is the most readable code of all that would make a sense to a person who is not a programmer. Most of the code has been explained in the comments. This is a simple code that could be easily interpreted by a programmer. This is the most complex code. There are a variety of methods and values passed on to these methods.
Safety As COBOL is not in practice to an extant as one would expect, I believe it would be vulnerable in regards to safety and security issues. The code written in PYHTON is not executed in untrusted places as compared to other computer languages. This fact would definitely leave loop holes in the programing language when it comes to security issues. Java is the one of the widely used language in the world. In the recent years it has become the backbone of smartphones applications. I believe there are enough efforts to make this language safer and secure.



I would prefer Java. As I said earlier, it is one of the widely used programming language. The language is compatible with many other programming languages and platforms. There are also a variety of ways a program can be written that would serve the same purpose.