Essay: My  IT Passions

IT Passion

I have seen the rapid rise of IT technology in the recent years. When I was a kid, I used to hear about Microsoft and its founder Bill Gates. These news stories used to inform me about the rapid growth Microsoft has achieved and how Bill Gates has inspired a generation to join the IT industry and try their luck. I used to think that there would be a day that I would be leading an IT company in my country. I used to think that I would be as famous as Bill Gates is but now I have come to know that achieving your passion is not about being famous. Bill Gates might not have been after fame but his passion.

In my country there is still a great room for IT companies as there are not many locals who own IT companies. For me, the actual tasks has been to get to know the software industry and the software development process as well. For this reason I am pursuing a degree in the related field. I would like to pursue this passion of establishing an IT business in my county and who knows, one day I might own a successful IT company.

Other Passion

Travelling has been my passion since I was a child. I have never missed a chance to travel with my family and friends inside my country and outside. Once I was travelling to Dubai with my friends. I lost my luggage due to some problem with the computer system at Dubai airport. My luggage was mistakenly sent to Australia. I was really angry at that time as I was on a holiday to Dubai with my friends but I had nothing to wear except the dress I had on at that time. I realized that there were two options. One was to wait for my luggage to arrive back from Australia which will ruin my trip as it could have taken days. Second option was to spend some of my savings and buys some clothes which could ultimately save my trip. I chose the second option and went shopping.

It took four long days for my luggage to arrive back from Australia. It was then that I realized that it is good to take control and be able to make the right decisions on the right time instead being controlled by the circumstances and do nothing and wait for others to solve my problems.