Resume Project

Instructions. Using only HTML 5 and CSS, create a web page named “resume.html” containing your resume:
1. Full name. (Important: for educational privacy reasons, do not list your address or telephone number.)
2. Education
3. Relevant course work
4. Professional experience
5. For each job you’ve held, list your significant accomplishments (Note: action verb-leading unordered list bullets; if job presently held, use present tense; for jobs held in the past, use past tense)
6. Skills
7. Activities (related to your field of study)
An important condition:
 Your resume must use at least one (1) CSS style file
 CSS file(s) must have at least five (5) rules
Grading Standards.
You may choose any combination of features to reach 100 points. This project represents 30% of your CMOP 235 final grade!
1. Author information (Required; may be as a link to your resume) Picture of yourself (3 points) Working e-mail address (2 points)
2. CSS file(s) must have at least five (5) rules (Required; 20 points)
3. Formatting outside CSS file (1 point per feature; max: 8 points) Centering, boldfacing, headlines and other formatting should be used to enhance the Web page
4. Hypertext links Anchor names and links inside a page (3 points) Links to the Internet (4 points) Links using hotspots (5 points)
5. Graphics (2 points each; max: 8 points)
6. Ordered/Unordered list (5 points each; max: 10 points)
7. Comment (2 points)
8. Originality & Flair! (15 points)
Submitting Assignment:
Submit a zip file complete with the report requirements from both investigations. In addition, take a variety of screenshots documenting your use of the software in each of the cases and include those within your zip file. Include a text file in your zip file that specifically points which elements you’ve used, the points expected, and where they are in your resume.