Metaphorically speaking, what would it be like if batman, on his first exposure to bats, loved them?

Analyzing Batman’s character requires us to investigate the minor metaphorical references and details behind his character. The heroic character reflects the phenomenon that conquering one’s biggest fear can lead to the sort of self awareness which further gives human a purpose and motive in life. His character on one side signifies the point of dialectical nature of the whole picture itself, where there is evil, good grows inversely to oppose it. And on a much more focused scale there seems to be the same paradoxical contradiction within his personality. Batman is afraid of bats and his fear is basically a drive for his courageous acts.

Summing it all, the act of promoting justice comes from the injustice he witnesses at a very early age and the dialectical opposite of his fear of bats is his courageous action against the criminals. However the objectivity of the “good” batman promotes can be questioned by higher logic. He punishes the evil and the corrupt and promotes the logic that evil needs to be eliminated instead of bending it to the criteria of good. Another thing which is worth considering is nobody can go all solo in pursuit of promoting justice, in fight against evil or merely against an opposing perception (unbiased definition). At the back of the whole heroic facade what’s present is the ethical support to him by his loyal butler. Alfred I believe is the backbone of all what stands as batman. Metaphorically explained, all what matters is companionship and support which is to propel a motive. Summing all of these points one should see this whole episode as a very similar example to what human existence is in the real world. The good needs evil for a meaning to live and the evil continues consuming good in a hasty manner. Batman holds no worth without his opponent evils and the cycle goes on.