Password Application Management Programs

Use the Internet and research password application management programs. What type of features do these programs have? How do they ensure the protection of your passwords? Why are these types of programs important? Discuss your findings.



The main idea behind the password application management programs is to prevent the data and other personal information like online accounts from the cyber-crimes. The password managers are considered as the skillful programme as it can store all the passwords and generate the best and the strong ones for its users. The only thing the user has to remember is the password of the password manager. Most of the password managers generate the best and the secure passwords for its users. Password Managers have the property of storing the user’s login information and the data regarding all the websites and it also helps to log into that particular site automatically. Most of the people are not aware of the importance and the features of using the strong password having the unique context. They are not even aware of the process regarding the protection of their private data as well as all the Login credentials (Marshall, 2017).

Features of Password Application Management Programs

There are numerous features of these programs. Most important features of these programs are as discussed below:

Create unique passwords

The first feature that these programs provide is the unique password for each account. These programs have the capability of creating secure and suitable passwords. They also have the property of strong unlimited number of passwords. This can help its user in several ways like if any one of the user’s account got breached then the user doesn’t have to worry as that password cannot be used for getting access to any other account (Staff, 2016).


Safely Store Passwords

These managers store the passwords with strong encryption. In these programs, the passwords are never kept in the simple and the plain form. If the user’s password got stolen then also it is of no use to the opponent until and unless he is able to decrypt the password. The master key is used to store the password. This master key is not stored anywhere, it is the kind of one password which the user has to remember.

Auto Fills Option

This is another feature of the password management programs as it can auto-fill the user’s information on the common form and the user need not to re-enter the information. For example, the information needed to shop online, like the name, address, email address and the credit card information, these all can be auto-filled from the database (Hoffman, 2016).

Synchronize the password across devices

These programs have the good capability of synchronizing the password across other devices also. All the encrypted passwords and the management software can be downloaded from the cloud to any device to which it is supported.

Bookmark the websites

The user’s Ids, passwords, and the websites can be all stored together in the database. All the information, as well as the URL, must match exactly otherwise the identification will not be complete (Hoffman, 2016).

How they ensure Protection?

These programs ensure the protection of the passwords as they do have the OTP (One Time Password) facility, this means that the user can use that password only once. When there is a risk of stealing of the master key then these types of passwords are to be used by the user. There are various programs which provide this facility like LastPass is the program which ensures this feature. The password management programs have the encryption feature, which helps in ensuring the passwords. Like no one else can view the user’s secured passwords.  Most of the security experts usually recommend the use of the password management applications. It is considered as the most secure way for following the secure password practices. As per the research, almost 55% of the users use the same password for their all types of accounts. If any of the accounts got hacked then it will reveal all the information related to other accounts also (Staff, 2016).

These type of Password Management programs are the important programs as it helps to reduce the load form the user’s mind. It helps in realizing the brain’s power for the productive things rather than remembering all the passwords. These programs protect your system and various accounts from breaching. If the user is creating its new account, then the password manager will help in generating the secure and the strong password. The user need not have to worry about the security of their passwords. Some of the Password Application Management programs include LastPass, DashLane, KeePass, and Roboform.

If the user will not have this type of programs then this may lead to two terrible issues:

  • The first one if the user is using the same password for the various accounts, this seems to be unsafe. If one of its accounts is taken over then it may lead to a huge problem. The hackers can easily access other accounts such as the financial accounts if they have an access to one account of the user (Glaser, 2016).
  • The next one is the user usually has the habit of writing down the passwords on a piece of paper or sometimes in the Microsoft word document. These both are not the secured techniques. If any wrong person accesses these passwords, the user account can be used for the wrong activities.


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