1. Presidency – How many cabinet members? Who has Donald Trump appointed to his cabinet for his upcoming presidency?

The US cabinet consists of a Vise president and 15 other cabinet members (“US Cabinet Members, Cabinet of the United States, List of US Cabinet Members”, 2016).  Till now Trump has appointed Cathy McMorris, Wilbur Ross, Andy Puzder, Alaine Chao, Betsy Devos, Tom Price and John Kelly as the members of his cabinet (Sebastian, 2016).

  1. Congress – How many Democrats and Republican members for the new 2017 session.

The US Congress consists of the House of Representatives and the Senate. In the House of Representatives There are 44 Democrats and 54 Republicans for the 2017 session. In the Senate, there are 247 Republicans and 118 Democrats.

  1. Supreme Court – How many current Judges are now on the Supreme Court? How many judges will Trump have the opportunity to put on the court?

At the moment there 8 Supreme Court Judges. Donald Trump has the opportunity to appoint one Judge of the Supreme Court at present.