M- Methods

How can I make life easier for my contacts?

Give them my email and mobile contact information.

O- Opportunities

How can I alert people to an opportunity?

Share the information about the opportunity on my social media accounts.

R- Resources

Can I offer someone or something?

I can offer the contact information relevant people.

E- Enthusiasms

Are you excited about something?

I am excited to help people and communicate with others.





R- Results

What outcome do I want?

I want my efforts to be recognized.

E- Expertise

What do I want to learn more about?

I want to learn more about human emotions.

A- Access

Who or What do I need to find?

I need to find relevant research and literature to know what I need to know.

L- Leads

Who do I need to meet?

I need to meet professionals in my field of study and line of employment.