3D Printing Presentation

Question: Can Algorithms be used to recognize bocks of different colors.

Answer: Yes, programming algorithms can be developed to distinguish between different colors.


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Question: Name three materials that can be used in 3D printing?

Answer: Clay, rubber, steel can be used in 3D printing.


HCI Article Presentation

Question: Provide some examples of wearable technology.

Answer: Smart watches, eye-war like VR goggles and headphones are some of the examples of wearable technology.


Human Interaction Article

Question: What is the benefit of incorporating IT in the medical field?


Answer: IT has been considered as increasing expenses but in reality it can help in reducing financial costs and maximizing profit. Virtual reality can help in the learning processes of medical students.


Virtual Reality Presentation

Question: Which virtual reality headset is cheaper, PlayStation or HTC?

Answer: PlayStation