It is often said that business can be like a poker game. In what ways is that true and in what ways is business different from a poker game?

The argument of business being just like a poker game was presented by Albert Carr (1968). He was of the view that just like poker where you can try to deceive within the rules of the game, you can also plan to deceive our competitors in the business world but remaining in the legal boundaries. This seems to be a vague argument to me I cannot find any ethical stand for such an argument. Businesses may be protecting some information from their competitors but I do not think so that it would be labelled as deception. If we do argue that deception, just like poker is legitimate in the business world, then what are the boundaries, especially the boundaries of ethical responsibilities?

Business is totally different from a poker game. I say this because poker is a game that involves people setting around a table and the only aim is to maximize the winning money or profit. On the other hand business is a more complex phenomenon that involves following many legal standards and corporate and social responsibilities. Deception and saving corporate interest cannot be mixed um in my opinion. Deceptive and manipulative techniques are not long lasting. On the other hand fair game play is what would benefit in the long run.