An important moment in my life that shaped whom I am today


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While life experiences shape individuals, who could assume that it is heavily related to the location and community that the person lives in? I never imagined I would learn as much by moving to the USA because it seemed to me as a temporary trip.  I always had a dream to be in that high airplane that propagated the powerful sounds every time it flew over my city Kuwait, I came one day to believe that such dream became true and the small airplane that I always observed at night is a gigantic transporter that will carry my family and I overseas. “Finally, the day is tomorrow, are all your belongings ready”? This words from my father caught me off-guard, without a better answer, I just shouted a loud “Yes,” after all, I knew that I had fully packed most of my possessions and only a few pieces of stuff were remaining. However, the core of those belongings was my soul and personality that transformed after coming to the United States that made me the person I am today.

Changing from one cultural setup to another is always a challenging experience for most individuals that relocate from their motherland to a new country. I am a perfect example of such individuals who faced mixed feelings about leaving Kuwait and settling in the United States with my family. At one side, I was very excited to become a part of the prominent American culture that I used to watch in the movies, but on the other hand, I felt reluctant upon pondering that I had to lose my childhood friends and colleagues that I grew with.

Later, my first days in the college started and they were very challenging. At one moment, I wanted to talk to some passing students, but I had no confidence whether I will do it in the right manner because my of my accent and average grammar skills. My main challenges that I faced here were mainly the norms and rules of the society. Social life was a big part of it too. In Kuwait, I used to live in a big family with lots of friends and cousins. However, here I felt lonely initially and then I started a new life and started meeting new people from different nationalities, which opened my horizons further and made me appreciate the diversity.

Nonetheless, all these challenges made me the person I am now. I believe that the first two years in America shaped my personality. I became more independent and had to start driving, rely entirely on myself, and pursue my educational goal in business management. In addition, socializing was not a problem anymore. There, I felt I gained self-esteem and power to go forward and progress in my life as the new person that incorporate both Kuwaiti and American cultural values on a daily basis.