Real World Case:

“If you are hired by as an E-commerce consultant, could you help them find more revenues ? ” 

Alibaba is a giant e-commerce company offering services and connectivity to business irrespective of their size. The recent revenue generated by the company is the evidence of its effective model but there are markets within the served segments that are not being fully explored or served.


As the new E-Commerce consultant, the need identified in the case of Alibaba is that the company does not offer any services to individual buyers who may not be able to find the similar products on their websites. For instance, the buyers on websites like Kaymu and other local websites may not find the similar quality product and wish to buy from Alibaba but there are restriction to buy certain number of products and not a single piece. Since the system is developed for business clients, it is not easy for individual buyers to get great prices on products. However, the Alibaba can increase its revenues by promoting transaction of the individual customers on left over products from bulk offered by companies. With its well established network the individual customer market can be reached out through promotions and sales to help generate the businesses effective revenue and be able to generate revenue for Alibaba on each transaction executed. Also Alibaba can offer newsletters on topics like fashion and trade on minimal process and flush its advertisements through extensive social media marketing that will lead to transaction on site.