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Chapter 9 Case Exercises

  1. What is cryptology?

Cryptology is adopted to computer science from mathematics which deals with codes and other mathematical processes involved in coding and decoding messages by cryptographers.

  1. What is cryptography?

Cryptography is the field of computer science that deals with encrypting data from plaintext to ciphertext. The process of cryptography is used to secure the data by encoding and decoding messages so that it can be passed on from client to client and network to network without the fear of being read by unwanted people or computer systems.

  1. How is encryption used to secure networks in general, and how is it used in firewalls?

In networks, encryption play a vital role in securing the network by guaranteeing the safety of the integrity, authenticity and privacy of the networks. The data transmitted through the network is encrypted and hence it cannot be decoded by unintended recipients. In firewalls, encryption is useful against the hijackers who are known as the session hijacks.

  1. Which aspect of digital data passing between networks is preserved by cryptography?

Cryptography is used to preserve many aspects of the digital data that passes between networks. Mainly cryptography preserves the integrity of the network, its authenticity and privacy.


  1. Which functions of a firewall might not be compatible with or are compromised by using encryption?

Encryption, undoubtedly plays an important role in data networks. But it also causes some issues in firewalls e.g. it could compromise the IP forwarding or/and it could adversely affect the Network Address Translation (NAT).

Chapter 10 Case Exercises

  1. What do VPNs do that firewalls cannot do?

Firewall is used to secure a specific network while the VPN on the other hand is used to provide a connection between two network devices and secure the connection.

  1. What are the disadvantages of using leased lines to set up a private network?

There comes different disadvantages with incorporating leased lines. The most significant are the cost of the leased lines, the complexity level of these lines and its scalability or its compatibility to growing amount of network communication.

  1. What are the disadvantages of using a VPN instead of a leased line?

VPV connects the network to a private network from the internet. A leased line is a dedicated line while VPN uses the internet link that make the network more vulnerable to external attacks and hacks. VPN is considered to comparatively complex as compared to a leased line.

  1. Why would you choose a VPN that is built into a firewall rather than a VPN appliance or a router?

The main reason would be the fact that the firewall wile is governed by set rules. These rules will be automatically applied to the built-in VPN. In the case of a VPN router or other appliance, these tunnel rules are setup on the outer network i.e. internet. 

  1. In the context of VPNs, why is the term tunnel misleading?

The term is misleading because it gives an impression that the network is setup on private channels which is not true in the case of VPN as it uses the internet channels and not private communication channels.

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