Article Analysis Arms and Hammer baking soda

Arms and Hammer baking soda brand by Church and Dwight Co has been in the market for 144 years and is known to be environment friendly. The company is now give the product a push to serve as a reminder to everyone that the product really is environment cautious and they are doing everything to forward a green face. The strategy that is selected by the company is not profit based. In fact the strategy will have financial implications in the short term but in the long term it will prove to be great for the brand, Arms and Hammer. The strategy is aimed to educate the public about the environment and how to keep it green. The strategy has a potential to synonym the brand with green environment.

The company is going to embark a drive to educate its consumers. Normally companies involve its customer by offering discounts and gifts but Church and Dwight Co is offering something completely different on the Earth Day. The company is going to work with environmentalist which is a great idea as they know more about environment and can properly educate the customers of the company on the shop floors at different retailers.

The company is also funding Home Safe Home education program in New Jersey.  According to this program, the in shop representatives of Clean Water Action environmentalist agency will educate people at different shop floors to choose environment friendly products and live green. There are also planning in store, end-of-aisle information desks offering printed material on toxic household cleansers.

Arms and Hammer has a comprehensive strategy that will not only serve as a marketing tool but will also benefit the general public by educating them about environmental issues. This strategy has a great potential to win the loyalty of existing customers in a long run and win over new customers.