Situation explained

Being an in charge of a five person computer assembly operations, I have to make sure to achieve the goals set for the assembly division. These goals consist of assembling 80 personal computers per day and making sure that 95% of the computers produced pass quality assurance tests. The problem that is faced currently is that the assembling of computers has gone down to 62 computers per day and 15% fail to meet the quality assurance standards. There firm cannot afford such a situation because it operated on a low profit margin. I have to bring back productivity to the assembly division and try and resolve the issues reportedly faced by the five people working in the assembly division.

Major Issues to be addresses

After reading the case study, I need to point out the major issues that exist. Pointing these issues is important because they would provide a point to start in solving them. Following three major issues have been found.

The quality of products has decreased significantly in the assembly division.

There is limited or low respect for the policies of the company.

The employees seem to have less motivation to perform their duties.

Goals to achieve

In order to resolve the problems in the assembly division, following goals are set in the light of the above, three issues identified.

There is a need to improve the communication process among the employees of the assembly division so that any conflicts, that have risen, can be avoided. Effective communication is a key to organizational excellence (Atak & Erturgut, 2010). There is also a need to look closely at the work ethics and identify where these ethics have been violated and how to restore these ethics. Bill and Morgan have attendance issues, it needs to be dealt with. Also we need to focus on keeping Sherry as a part of the team. We need to bring back the focus on the tasks at hand and look for the areas where the standards of quality are not being followed.

The Plan

There are three parts of this plan. These three parts will correspond to the three issues that we have already identified.

The first part of the plan focuses on increasing the quality of the products. To do so, we will look for new suppliers who can provide us with better hard drives. Also, we would conduct quality assessments at different levels in the production cycle to isolate damaged or malfunctioning parts and remove them from the production in the future.

The second part of the plan corresponds to the lack of respect for the policies of the organization. Firstly, the policies will be evaluated again and the employees will be made a part of the process so that any gaps can be filled in the policy. Secondly, the employees who come late to work will have to face a deduction in their pay, even if they complete their work before they go home.

The third part of the plan will focus on increasing the motivation of the employees at work. Motivation towards work can not only increase the quality of work, but also the quality of life of the employee (Esra, 2012). The employees who work more than what is expected of them will get incentives in the form of being allowed to get to go home after half days. The employees will be encouraged to communicate with each other to have an end to any misunderstanding that might be existing. The focus of the plan would be to improve the quality of work and put any personal issues and problems at a side that could be causing the work quality to decrease.



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