Will salespeople be necessary in the future? Or will the Internet take over? Why or why not? If you see limited application of the internet, what conditions make purchasing (or selling) over the internet worthwhile? Does this vary for consumers compared to business buyers?

Sales people will always be needed. In some manner there are always things and people who are going to require actual attention and hands on selling. Also, new ideas businesses and products will always come out and they will need to be marketed and they will need to be sold and the sales person is the only one who is going to be able to get out there and make the product an item that is wanted and even known about in a personable manner. Also, there will also be a need for B2B sales and these will also need the actual person and not just people on the internet going about and trying to figure everything out on their own. A sales person gives a personal touch and gives direct and specialized answers because they are experts in their industries in their fields and on their products. The only way this can be replaced is if anyone who wants to buy something becomes an expert on it before they decide to buy it and this is tedious. I think buying online is good for some simpler B2B and personal commerce situations. I think it is good for smaller scale purchases and I think there are going to be situations where it is ideal if not the only choice like if the person is remote or far from a sales busy area. Otherwise, as stated, the sales person can be a much better partner for those who are trying to make big decisions, especially for B2B purchases.