Listen to one composition (i.e., or a symphony) by Beethoven. Identify the composition that you listened to, and determine whether you would characterize the chosen composition as either the Classical or Romantic style of music. Explain the features that lead you to your conclusion.


I listened to Beethoven’s Symphony No. 6 in its entirety. I’m not musically inclined and I do not have the ability to read or write music, however after listening to Beethoven’s Symphony No.6 is Romantic more than classical. Although you can find some of both characteristics while listening like the frequent changes in the tempo that is typically found in Romantic music and the texture of Classical music which is essentially homophonic. While listening to the first movement, the gentle sounds of the instruments warming up softly with violins played with a structure rhythm and drums adding to the volume. The next two movements was at a faster pace. There was some emotion present in the way the music went from fast to slow as the volume build from soft to very loud. The final movement seemed more relaxing to listen to.

I believe the representation of slavery in the visual arts is more compelling and convincing of the injustices of slavery because of the feelings and expressions being captured in the visual arts, it’s hard to imagine that from just words. In the news we are constantly hearing another child star as an adult falling into drug or alcohol use, depression, or even committing suicide. I believe that as a child they do not learn the life skills to live life one their own as adults. Representations of slavery in the visual arts were not more compelling or convincing than the literary representations. Certain pieces of visual arts mat convey a story better than others, but it is merely up to person viewing the art to.