Dyson Airblade

Based on information provided in this case, identify each of the three buyer’s social styles. If you were Mike, what should you do to sell to this group?


Different buyers can have different kind of buying style and nature.  Preferences and consideration of buyers can be different and at the time of selling any product, it is important that one person take care for all interest and concerns of the buyers so he can effectively sell their product to customer. I am selling my product to groups of sellers where three sellers are having different style of interest and nature.  The Marty’s is the person who is very analytical and he focuses on each and every detail and focus on the product description thoroughly. He is people who focus on every little detail. On the other hand the Cynthia is the person who has conservative in nature and she is not very expressive. She did not talk in detail if she has any problem. The Alferd is person who is very social and friendly in nature. He is very expressive as well and talks everything in very friendly nature. If I were the Mike and I had to sell my product to this group of people than I would consider each and every person. I would try to explain all of the features and characteristics of my product so I can sell them properly.