Please research online and watch videos on the BP Oil Spill & Blue Jean Waste Pollution. After watching the videos, please tell me if you feel that if a company is doing enough “good” for the local economy, that pollution and environmental repercussions are ethically acceptable.

In the year of 2010, the Deepwater Horizon Oil Rig exploded and sunk and this resulted in the oil spill which occurred in the Gulf of Mexico. The owner of the rig was an offshore drilling contractor, Transocean and it was leased to BP for exploring the Macondo Prospect which is an oil filed off the coast of Louisiana. In addition to that, the blue jeans waste pollution is also considered as another thing which is intensifying the pollution and the environmental repercussions are increasing because of it.

After watching different videos and consulting different available online sources, it is clearly evident that different companies are not doing good enough for the local economy. If the case of BP oil spill is quoted, it resulted in huge pollution which infected the environment hugely. Besides that, the blue jeans are considered as the main source of pollution as the jeans factories release toxic wastes such as Plagues Lesotho (MACVICAR, 2009).

The companies are not doing well enough to get rid of these pollutants and they are usually released in water and on soil without proper treatment. These environmental ethical concerns are not acceptable at all as they are resulting in polluting environment and hence, it is causing to increase the environmental repercussions.

As a general conclusion, it can be said that companies should take care of their waste pollutants and there should be proper rules and regulations about environmental safety such as the Clean Air Act.


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