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Action Plan—Diversity in America

Objective—The purposes of this assignment are:

  1. To understand the importance of individuals as change agents.
  2. To appreciate the role of dominant group members as allies.
  3. To consider alternatives to ruling, or hegemonic, ideologies.
  4. To understand the importance of social change in alleviating inequality.

Assignment—Before completing this assignment, you must first choose a minority group for whom you can be an ally (note the concept “ally” from the “Interrupting the Cycle of Oppression” article in the book).  Examples of groups you can choose from include:  a racial minority group (e.g., African-Americans, American Indians), an ethnic minority group (e.g., Bosnians, Sudanese, Mexicans), the poor/people in poverty, women, the GLBT community (i.e., gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered), immigrants, people with disabilities, religious minorities (e.g., Muslims), etc.  You are to create a plan of action in support of the rights of the particular minority group you chose.  Your plan must address the three levels of social change referred to in your text.

Action Plan for Ally group:   The groups is called “African American”

  1. Self-Change

Why did you choose this group?  Describe your background and experience with people from this group?  What beliefs and attitudes have you held about members of this group?  Why?

Race and racial inequality have powerfully shaped American history from its beginning. Black communities are the most oppressed and discriminated one in the diversified culture of U.S.Though the blatant and overt discrimination against Black has diminished over the past decades; the biases that remain have powerful consequences for the black community even though they often are more subtle and harder to tease out.

I have been US for certain period and happened to stay in Mississippi of the states in the USA.I happened to visit and stay in Mississippi through an African American friend known to my father earlier. They used to live in a sub standard life system where even basic needs of life like education, water, health are almost in the state of denial. Unemployment was at high there. That was a short informal experience related to that particular area of blacks but together with bulks of other black American friends in different cities I have interacted with came to some conclusion that they are physically and intelligent wise strong but psychological more how insecure due to many reason particularly the underline racial discrimination under the shadow of past biases from the white Americans. Prior to meeting any black human, I had a strong perception created by media and movies about black American that they are a kind of war gansters, dacoit, and ruthless evil typo folk. But once I met them and did some rapid research on their oppression, I felt compassionate for their miseries in the society of the most developed nation.

Identify five things you can do to promote self-change in regards to this group.

  • I can contribute to the body of research on the societal barriers experienced by this racial minority in terms of socio-politico economic status and the impact of these barriers on health and well-being.
  • I can write letters, journals, opinions regarding racial discrimination against black communities and advocating their human rights and disseminate through social and print media for mass sensitization and mobilization
  • I can work on a specific case study type short documentary on this issue of oppressed.
  • I can form a friend’s network of volunteers who will get fix hours in a week to work for the discrimination based on color and creed.
  • I can write short theatre/screen play drama that depicts the oppression of this ally group in a soft way together with remedial solutions the end this man born devil. This play will be based on real time stories plus a compilation of moral literature supporting equal human rights from both religion and legislation.
  1. Collective Action

What examples of institutional and/or structural discrimination against this group exist?  What civil rights is this group denied?


The criminal Justice system

Of all the domains in which persistence of discrimination exist against African American, perhaps the most difficult to nail down is the criminal justice system. The problem is that while it is easy enough to demonstrate that African-Americans are arrested for criminal activity, convicted and sent to prison at much higher rates than whites, it is more difficult to demonstrate that racial discrimination inside of the criminal justice system is directly implicated in each of these disparities. African-American men have nearly seven times the rate of imprisonment as white men, but theoretically this could simply be because they commit proportionately seven times as many crimes. Racism could still be implicated in shaping the social and economic conditions that lead to such criminal behavior, but racial discrimination inside of the criminal justice system would not be a significant factors. Due to this injustice within justice system, it’s a straight denial of equal human with equal dignified manner across the board.

Discrimination in employments

Almost 14 million Americans out of work, the news media are reporting that discrimination against the unemployed is increasing across the country. But their stories often fail to mention the specific hurdles faced by African Americans, whose unemployment rate is more than double that of whites. Among black working-age people, however, the unemployment rate since February 2014 has dropped more quickly than among nonblack workers. In February, the unemployment rate for African-Americans was 10.4 percent, while the comparable rates for whites, Hispanics and Asians were 4.7 percent, 6.6 percent and 4.0 percent, in that order, according to data released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.Thus this show a clear denial of equal human rights to job and livelihood with dignity .

Identify three organizations that support institutional change to benefit this group.  For each organization, write the name, URL (web address), and specific way(s) that the organization participates in collective action.

Their specific ways for collection acts are; Entrepreneurship  Center program; Urban Youth Empowerment Program;

Ways of collective action:  Soft awareness regarding black people’s equal rights/advocacy programs; Working on black prisoners locked down due to minor or none offense; movement to replace capitalism with socialism.

Collective way of working: Cultivate black consciousness; Build community leadership; Transform the quality of Black lives.

  1. Micro politics of Subtle Transformation

Who do you have influence over?  Which people/groups of people are you most likely to influence?  Why?

Few of my media related friends, a chunk of university colleagues, and some of my childhood friends. These are the people whom I have influenced over due to my deep philosophical and mystic knowledge together with art and literature know how. They are often found fond of my logical analysis with a sharp blend of satirical humor.

Identify three things you can do to create change on the micropolitical level.  Be specific.

  • Based on my influence over some people in my circle, I can easily manage them for a great cause from a minor platform. I can systematically sensitize and aware my friends network regarding decreasing oppressed minority miseries and advocating for their rights. A bunch of mind can bring big changes but with gradual evolved phase.
  • I can research on the particular oppressed minority group and have personal videos with animated demonstration for public on-air.
  • I can volunteer myself for certain period of time with a humanitarian organization to contribute through my knowledge and skill for the most ignored people on the earth.