What is your assessment of your cultural competence? Again, be specific.  What are you good at?  Stink at?  How can you grow yourself in this area?

I would not say that I am fully competent when it comes to dealing with people from different cultures. I do have adoptability issues. For example when I came to the US, I thought that this culture was somehow not for me to live in. But, with time I have realized that it actually is difficult to try anything for the first time. Especially when you are living in one kind of culture and background and suddenly you have to be put in a totally different culture. So I have learned and am learning to know more about other cultures and get adopted to it with time.

My strength would be that I have accepted the fact that I have to learn to change instead of trying to change “the culture” around me.

What I stink at is the fact that I take more time that I actually should to adopt to new cultures. I need to speed up in this regard.

I can grow in this area by interacting with new people and learning about their cultures. This will definitely provide me with an opportunity to grow as a person and be more adoptive. I can learn a lot over the internet, by reading books, and reading history of how cultures develop etc.