In this era, where from dawn till dusk humans are working like machines just to generate money to feed their families, there is a dire need to introduce some healthy activities in our daily life routine that will help pump us mentally and physically.

So here we are introducing our wellness program. A wellness program deals with re-shaping your lives by providing you opportunities to take part in extracurricular activities (Johnason, P. 2009). Also it is about molding ones’ mind to adopt a healthy lifestyle by conducting seminars on regular basis concerning health issues and common health related mistakes that we are making and are not aware of. We do understand how everyone’s budget is so tight in this age that none of us is willing to spend money on our-selves. In fact, it is considered as waste of money and time. But do you really know how important it is to engage ourselves into one or two physical activities? It is actually considered as a way we can increase our life time. Yes! The reason why we get become a part of many diseases is that we are inactive and lethargic. Through many researches it is proven that those who include or do little bit of meditation or exercise daily on average lives longer and with good health than those who do remain in active throughout the day (Mayor, Elton 2006).But now there is no excuse left for the lazy group of people as this wellness programs basic idea will be to provide health benefits to the employees that too for free. Yes. You heard that right the company will be sponsoring all the physical activities and the seminars that will be taking place.  So isn’t that a great news and a great advantage for all employee? Do you not feel all geared and pumped up already after hearing this? It is quite obvious that everyone feels a need to bring a change in their hectic daily life routine. The wellness program will guarantee a positive change and it will completely reshape your lifestyle. It will assure you a complete modification in your boring 9-5 work life.

There are countless ways in which this program will benefit the company as well as its employees. First and most important benefit is that through taking part in the activities the program will be dealing with the employees will be completely energized to start off their day this will in turn benefit the company as its employees will be working more efficiently and actively so they would be doing more work in less amount of time.

Secondly, when the employee will be physically active it will thus heal all their health related problems they were facing for example diabetes, low blood pressure issue, bronchitis etc all can be cured by becoming more active and doctors visits could be reduced to a greater extent.  This will also benefit the company who is paying its employees heavy hospital bills this will help the company generate extra revenue.

Furthermore, healthy employees will be creative and will have a positive attitude towards their assigned work. This positivity will reward the company in numerous ways. The well-being of employees will have a direct influence on company’s outcome (Conaty, Bill, and Ram Charan, 2011).

Like these there are so many other total fitness benefits that this program will offer for the company and its employees.

Now to talk about how we are planning to establish it? The wellness program will deal with all major health threats; it will offer many activities that will involve both physical and mental exercises for the body and brain. It will aim the employees as well as the work place environment. Now to start off with we will have to generate a plan, we will have to draw analysis and set goals and will also have to plan rewards for the employees who reach out to the set goals.

Planning comprises of setting up a wellness task force, fixing goals, endorsing the program. In the company we will be making space for all the activities. Also we will be plotting a year-long schedule of healthful events. Then comes analysis for this employers will first have to get their BMI done from a reputed place then on the basis of the results we will enumerate risk levels of the employees(Paauwe, J., & Boon, C. 2009). Most common health threats are respiratory and cardio vascular diseases reasons for this includes; obesity, no extracurricular activity, smoking etc. in our wellness program we will be introducing exercises and yoga to help our employees reduce these health risks . With time we will have to calculate the success rate of the program whether it’s helping or not and accordingly bring changes in our wellness program. For it to be successful we will have to consider employees opinions for that we will be doing surveys to ensure that their views are heard.

For the program to be productive our next target will be to create a healthy work place environment we will be doing that by planting more trees and keeping the place clean during our seminars we will educate people about cleanliness. Also our seminars topics would include; healthy diet; nutrition education;  risk factors of smoking, importance of team work; stress , anger and time management ideas  and much more in this regard. We will be changing our cafeteria menu eliminating junk and introducing healthy sandwiches and fresh fruit juices at a reasonable pocket friendly price.

The workers to participate with full willingness in the program we will give them incentives like free movie passes, certificates, discount coupons or a day off  or dinner passes for two, if they reach out to the desired goals there will be offers and many other beneficial packages to them as a reward this way they will tend to put more effort to achieve the target(Klerck, G. 2009).

Now once all of the planning is decided we need to advertize the program make sure more and more people get involved in this we can use social media for this; newspaper face book and flyers we can give printed t-shirts to all the members of the program and capsfor this we can appoint volunteers.

Our outcome objectives are to reduce the risk level of CVD patients, to reduce the obesity levels of our employee and give them total fitness.  The people running the program will be making sure that the member with time is leaving or reducing his/her unhealthy habits like quitting smoking keeping environment clean and green and are making use of the program by bringing a positive change in lifestyle.


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