After going over the assigned videos for this week, a number of important points do seem to emerge in regard to the issue of plagiarism and why students need to learn a number of important tools to avoid it in the first place. One of the most important things to in regard to (1) what plagiarism is that it is that type of an intentional or unintentional act where one is using the information of someone else but not giving them the right or proper credit. Again, this could be done intentionally where the student is fully aware that they are for example, copying and pasting the work of someone else but not putting in place the proper citation or reference to it. Or it could very well also be unintentional and this is a situation where the student simply not be aware of the fact that one has to cite or give credit to the source from where some type of information is being used. (2) If I used a paper in a different class and again use it for some other class, that might till be some sort of plagiarism as its not the original work being produced for the given assignment at hand. Even though I am the author who wrote that paper, but it should not be used in more than one class as it fulfilled the given requirements for another assignment and so should not be again applied in a different context. (3) When it comes to avoiding plagiarism, the most important rule is to ensure that one is using the right types of citations at all times and simply makes it a habit of understanding how to reference information but also how to include a works cited and a reference page. That is where it would also be helpful to understand citation methods such as that of APA, MLA, Chicago style citation and so forth.