In this assignment, you will create a single Word file about you and insert a photo of yourself in the same file. The summary should include your goals and career choice and discuss how technology has influenced your career choice and personal life.

I am ABC and doing a Major in Finance. I can comfortably use Microsoft Word as my Microsoft Word Test, which I undertook online shows that I am above average. By using Microsoft Word I can draw charts, tables, pie charts among others and format them accordingly. Also, I can put page layout, insert references, change font type, font color, and font size, change spacing, include defined margins, list items, and indent text. My primary goal is to become a Finance Manager in the future. My career choice involves direct financial reporting, cash management strategies, and investments activities in an organization. I am creative in the financial field and I believe that my ability will help me see a broader business image through, which I will be able to guide and direct my team well. Being living in the era of technology, it has affected my career choice and personal life as well. Technology enables me to analyze financial data of an organization and get organized information that is helpful in the decision-making process. There exist various software applications that when fed with appropriate data they give relevant information that help in predicting the future of an organization. Personally, technology has made my life better as I can communicate with my friends at anytime and anywhere. I do not feel alone since by just a touch of a screen I get company from many virtual friends. In addition, I can learn many things over the internet relating to my career choice and personal life as well. Also, technology has made it easy for online banking, which has improved security when dealing with money since one can deposit or withdraw at a click of a button.